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Event Planning, Design, Coordination & Rentals

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Based in the West Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Wild Smile Events is an

event management company that draws inspiration from the beauty surrounding to create events that are stunning to the eye but also unique to the host. Our clients are Authentic, Dream Big, Seek Adventure, Love Hard and lead with a Wild Heart.

We know that sometimes these qualities can add a certain challenge to the planning process but we use our skills to tackle the details and "to dos" so you don't have to. 

We offer a wide range of packages, head to "Services" for information. 

Wild (ADJ) From Old English WILDE


"In the Natural State, Uncultivated, Untamed, Unpredictable, True to ones self, Authentic, Vulnerable, Courageous"

 I hope you are blessed with a heart like a Wildflower


Nakita Gill

Welcome Friends and fellow Wild Ones!

Wild Smile Events stemmed from years of volunteerism, personal study and  a passion for organizing the complex and tedious details that come with hosting events. Not to mention the love of celebrating all life's little wondrous moments with those I care about the most. Now I get to be creative, and give back while creating lasting memories for people to reflect back on. What an incredible opportunity!

There are so many qualities about events that I love; how they cultivate connection, and the unique atmosphere that each type creates. These aspects can truly spark magic in the human soul and unearth a hidden sense of joy. I will 100% argue that More Celebrations = More Happiness!

When I'm not checking off to-dos for the latest celebration or volunteering with a local non-profit, you'll probably find me in a situation that involves an outdoor adventure, a hammock and me with my nose in a book, a steaming cup of tea in one hand and an oreo in the other!

Thanks for coming by, I hope our paths connect again soon      xo

Danielle Peet
Founder & Coordinator
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Smile (Noun

"A Curve that sets everything straight. Memories shared with Friends. Enjoyment, Fun, Laughter. Lasting impression."


Cinderella's Closet: Trail Editon
Event that provides new and used formal wear at very low prices to girls in the Greater Trail area for prom, graduation and pageant.
I AM THAT GIRL: Greater Trail Area
International non-profit reminding girls that they are enough exactly as they are and that they are much stronger when they collaborate instead of compete.
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