10 Steps to Postponing Your Wedding Due to COVID-19

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

First, let me say how sorry I am. 

I am absolutely heartbroken that this exciting adventure turned into tough decisions. 

This is not how you dreamt your engagement and wedding day playing out and I wish that you could instead be sipping mimosas/scotch with your ladies/buds and making your final to-do list for your special day. Instead, you are having to say goodbye to your Plan A and hello to Plan B. I see you and I feel your frustration and sadness but I am hoping this brief guide will set you up to enjoy that Plan B to the fullest in whichever way you decide to present it.

So how do you go about postponing your wedding? 

These are the first steps that will start you on the path of recreating 

your wedding day.

*These steps are laid out in the assumption that you would like to postpone vs cancel your big day.

Step #1: Feel The Feels

 Yep, all of them. Cry, scream, throw things, ask "why me?", "why now?". This is totally unfair and it is totally okay to not be okay about any of this. This event may be a luxury but it is also one of those special moments in your life that you remember forever, so mourn your missed opportunity and canceled plans. After you have felt every inch of those feels, look forward to the future. Look forward to the date that you do get to marry your soul mate and keep that moment in your heart as you move forward with changing Plan B into your new Plan A.

Step #2: Work With a Professional

 Yep, I am headed into a shameless plug.... and not because I want your money or I am taking advantage of this super shitty time in your life but because I want you to enjoy this moment and process, even if it is a little shitty! You deserve to enjoy the journey and remember it in a pleasant way regardless of the plot twist you've been served. 

Once you have decided you are ready to start this process you can consider if you really want to! If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and don't really have the drive to make these new plans after months and months of planning the first wedding, that is okay. A wedding planner is a professional at switching plans and creating events from the ground up and they would love nothing more than to help you through this awful time in hopes of taking the stress off. They also know what to look for in your contracts and can guide