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Meet The Organizer of Pretty Things, Katy!

Hey Friends! Danielle here!

I have said it before and I will say it again, Wild Smile Events has been made up of so many incredible + talented people and as much as my face often pops up when WSE is referred to, we have such a hardworking team that does so much behind the scenes. Today, I could not be more excited to introduce you to Katy! Her official title is Director of Operations (fancy) because she is our go-to in the Rental Warehouse but you may also hear her referred to as the Rentals Manager, Warehouse Coordinator, Assistant Event Coordinator, The Muscles, The Photo Queen and The Organizer of Pretty Things.

CEO, Danielle, and COO, Katy, from Wild Smile Events. Photo Credit: Amanda Mary Creative

I asked Katy some questions about herself and her position here with Wild Smile Events and I hope it will give you a small glimpse into Katy's world and how lucky we are to have her on the team.

Tell us about your Background?

"I have a background in hotel and resort management but my true passion is photography."

7Okay, okay. . . Katy went really brief here so I am going to fill in the rest. Not only does she have background in hotel and resort management but she was the Guest Services Manager at Best Western on Baker St. when she left her job after 7 years of hard work and growth! She knows a little something about systems + processes and helping create a streamline experience for our clients. Not only is she one of our full-time employees but she also owns her own photography business called Fowler Photography and you can tell that is where her talent really lies! We are so lucky to also have the opportunity to work alongside her at weddings when she is hired by our clients and in her full passionate element.

Katy of Fowler Photography in her element. Photo Credit: @ADHI Studios

Tell us three Random Facts about you.

"I LOVE chocolate , I HATE the snow and I want to live in a tiny house in the woods with 10 dogs"

What is your favorite thing about weddings and events?

"The florals and all the pretty things!"

The Beautiful Katy Fowler - Photo Credit: @Willow & Waltz

Why did you come to work with Wild Smile Events?

"Danielle has been a friend for many years and I love the passion she has for her job. It was a no brainer when deciding to quit my job to join the Wild Smile Team."

And gosh we were lucky!

What is your favourite on the job memory?

"Working with such like minded, positive individuals who just make work fun. Wether it be in the warehouse or on site, it's always a joy OR Witnessing the celebration of our clients and the love they have for one another."

What is your favorite way to celebrate (big or small)?

"With CAKE and popping Prosecco"


All around #Workparty! Photo Credit: @Amanda Mary Creative

What is one piece of advice to give someone planning a wedding or event?

"Either go simple, or hire a planner for logistically challenging events. Trust me."

Since you spend most of your time with our rentals, what would you say are your favorite pieces in our Rental Inventory?

"The Megara Pink Velour Set because it is such a fun pop of color and assists in creating a cozy atmosphere.

The Black Slat Partition Walls are so great for hiding unsightly venue areas and are completely customizable.

And the Wolcott Optic Coupes make me feel fancy! I love that!"

What are you most looking forward to for the 2023 season?

"Warm weather, organized warehouse and the unique events we get to be part of!"

Contact Katy to Start your Rental Wishlist Photo Credit: @Amanda Mary Creative

As Katy mentioned, myself and her have been close friends for many years and though she only signed on as an actual employee this past March, she has been a strong support through the creation of my business and growth. Katy is an enneagram 7, which is the perfect contrast to my 4 - she brings the best vibes, adventurous heart and grounded ideas to the team!

I hope this gave you just a small glimpse into why we adore Katy so darn much and I am so excited for our client's to meet her as they work through their Rental journey. If you would like to chat directly with katy you can find her here:

Contact Information:

Email -

Rentals Instagram

Photography Instagram

xo Danielle

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