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Meet Tori, The Newest Wild Smile Events Power House!

Hey Friends! Danielle here!

If you follow us on social media, you have probably already seen this gorgeous face popup in our stories. I couldn't be more excited to officially introduce you to Tori, the newest member of the WSE team!

Tori came onboard as an Event Assistant for the final weddings of the season in 2022 and it took me about 5 minutes to realize that she was exactly what we had been missing! She came out guns blazing and after she not only survived but thrived on her first day, during a very logistically complicated wedding, I immediately knew we had to create a position for her on the team. In November, she came on as an Office Assistant part-time and I honestly can't remember what office life was like without her!

Tori in the wild

Tori is a riot! From her killer dance moves to the major sass she gives, it has kept office life lively and definitely plays a roll in keeping the #WorkParty going on days with heavy work loads. Tori also keeps me on my toes. She is incredibly hardworking, passionate and driven and she tests my productivity on an ongoing bases. In a short time, Tori has helped bring the spark back to our office and has pushed us to remember our core values. She has standards as high as mine and believes in quality - and has the grit to make it happen! Tori even inspired our office mantra for the 2023 session - DISRUPT - and with her on the team I just know that we will definitely meet our vision in that regard.

Just like her boss, Tori should count herself as a professional student 😜 She has tried out many different lines of work, but after pausing during COVID she realized she wanted to learn more about her passion for organizing events and completed her Events Management Certificate. {Lucky Us!} I am so excited that she will now be training to become a Lead Event Manager/Producer with our team!

Tori hard at work at The Josie Hotel! Photo Credit: Jacey Kendall Photography

I asked Tori some questions about herself and her position here with Wild Smile Events and I hope it will give you a small glimpse into Tori's thoughts.

Tell us a few Random Facts about you.

"My last meal on earth would be a hot dog and I've watched the office 8 times"

What is your favorite thing about weddings and events?

"The dance floor!"

Why did you come to work with Wild Smile Events?

"Danielle's eye for detail, and how much she cares about everyone (A+ Heart)"

The kindest complement!

What is your favourite on the job memory?

"Dancing/singing in the office, especially Fridayyyyys."

Tori insisted we have Dance Party Fridays and I am not going to lie, the best way to end the week!

Katy, Danielle + Tori at Go West Live! First Team Trip!

What is your favorite way to celebrate (big or small)?


Are you starting to see a trend with our team!?

What is one piece of advice to give someone planning a wedding or event?

"Don't stress over small details"

What would you say are your favorite pieces in our Rental Inventory?

Tori knows her s*** when it comes to keeping things modern and on trend. I always trust her advice when it comes to design, even though she says it's not her favorite part of the job.

What are you most looking forward to for the 2023 season?

"Seeing all the new rental pieces our clients can rent in action!"

Katy + Tori enjoying the Photobooth at The Go West Live Social

Katy will joke about how Tori and I are the same person and I honestly can't argue too much. Not to mention, Tori's high scores in Enneagram 1 + 3 match my energy completely. I will say it over and over, that Tori was and is a blessing to our team and I could not be more excited to see how she grows over the next season!

I hope this gave you just a small glimpse into why we adore Tori so darn much and I am so excited for our client's to meet her as they work through their Management journey. If you would like to connect with Tori or follow along with her at Wild Smile Events, you can find her here:

Contact Information:

Email -

xo Danielle

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