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Modern Boho Engagement - Nelson, BC

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

This year has been tough on events and gathering so it was extremely refreshing to get together for a small styled shoot in Nelson, BC in September with a few awesome industry creatives (and friends!).

Originally, the plan was to shoot a basic engagement setup after a branding shoot, but when my client commented on a casting post for another shoot, I thought to myself why not ensure that someone gets to enjoy this moment as well!

That is where T+K came in. Man, these two have had a year, and after postponing their September 2020 wedding due to COVID-19 I thought they deserved a little date night on the house.

Only a few days after their original wedding date, they enjoyed a styled second proposal, couples photos, and a sweet patio dinner for two. Now we have killer photos of a fantastic pair to enjoy thanks to the amazing Charlotte of Lota Love Photography!

This modern, boho setup was so fun to design and style using items in my rental inventory.

Copper and marble get me every time and are so versatile to work with.

I would recreate this styled setup over and over if asked but I am glad that T+K got to enjoy the first.

I asked T+K some questions about their love and this past year and here is what they had to say:

Tell me, what is your favorite thing about your fiance?

T: "My favorite thing about K is genuinely just what a good person he is. he always donates money when asked, he is always coming to rescue me when I need him, he is always willing to help out anyone who asks, and he does it all without ever asking for anything in return. Plus he puts up with me which is huge :P"

K: "Definitely my favourite thing about T is her drive to help people, she doesn’t brush you off and she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and go to you if you need someone to talk to. She has an incredible heart and a bubbly personality. I noticed this early in our relationship and I think why it’s I fell in love with her."

What is your favorite Date Night to enjoy together?

T: "I really just love hunkering down and making a bed on the floor maybe getting some food from our favourite chinese restaurant and putting on a movie. (preferably a Christmas one)"

K: "I think we have the same idea of a perfect date night. Take out and a movie, rarely though do we actually watch the movie :D"

What are you most excited about when it comes to your wedding?

T: "Ideally getting to see all of the people we haven't due to covid.( fingers crossed) and also obviously Finally getting to marry my best friend."

K: "I’m definitely excited about seeing friends and family we haven’t seen due to Covid but also an end to the planning and a start to the celebrating"

What is your favorite part about working with a wedding planner?

T: "I don't know that I can pick just one hahaha I love the commitment you have to making sure we are on track, everything is perfect, and genuinely just how hard you've worked to take care of us and our wedding plans during such a stressful time."

K: "We’re definitely extremely lucky to have Danielle, she’s taken a huge amount of stress off our shoulders and simplified everything for us. She’s very engaging, easy to talk to and worth every penny!"

Since you have been dealing with planning your wedding during COVID-19 and had to postpone your original wedding date, What would you say to other couples experiencing the same?

T: "don't get too stuck on the original plan. Decide where things rank on a scale of most important to least important for you. This will definitely help with the stress of making a decision to postpone or have a micro wedding."

K: "I would say you're definitely not alone in your struggles and to definitely focus on what’s most important to you as a couple during these times."

What has 2020 taught you?

T: "2020 has taught me that sometimes life doesn't go to plan. so enjoy the small things, be thankful for your opportunities and appreciate the people around you."

K: "Very hard to say because it is still surreal what’s happening. That being said this year has shown me to appreciate what you have and never take something as simple as a hug for granted"

Rapid Fire Questions:

Coffee or Tea?

T: Coffee

K: Coffee

Mountains or Ocean?

T: Ocean

K: Mountains

Chocolate or Vanilla?

T: Chocolate

K: Chocolate

Early Bird or Night Owl?

T: Night Owl

K: Both, sleep eludes me:/

Though the extra planning time has gifted me the chance to get to know T+K more, after such a chaotic and questionable year, I am looking so forward to their May 2021 wedding day and celebrating their patient love with the incredible Tamara of Wanderlust Photography. You can check out more steamy photos of T+K on her Facebook page from their Engagement Shoot!

Thank you to the fabulous Styled Shoot team for all the hard work, belly laughs, and delicious champagne!

Planning, Design and Rentals: Wild Smile Events

Photographer: Lota Love Photography

Florist: Olea Floral

Brand Photographer: Amanda Mary Creative

Dinner Candles: Honey Candles

Carpet: The Doorway

Marble Chargers: Maglio's (Rona) Trail


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