Whether you have a wild backpacking adventure or scenic road trip in mind, you know that when it is time to hit the trail, there is nothing better than being prepared. Treat the explorer in your life to a gift full of local goodies that will help make their next adventure extra epic.


This package includes 5 locally made products to enjoy, is filled with 100% biodegradable environmentally friendly filler, and donates $5 to Girl In The Wild.


Product Information:

  • Wakeful Travel Journal - "a #mindfultraveljournal that guides you through your adventures. This 12-trip journal has a main focus on manifesting and documenting shorter journeys during these weird weird times."
  • Five + Pines - Cleaning Cloth - "this is not just your ordinary cloth. This multipurpose cloth can be used for just about anything including removing makeup, cleaning eyewear, dishes or just leave in your [bag] for those on the go spills!"
  • Honey Candles - Emergency Candle - "8 ounces of 100% pure Canadian beeswax makes for a reliable emergency candle, perfect for any survival or emergency kit in your house, vehicle or backcountry expedition. An even greater benefit to you is that beeswax burns longer and hotter than other waxes, providing more heat to warm up your food or water, or even your body. Designed to be light and compact for easy carrying. Comes with matches and cook straps, making for an ideal addition to every emergency plan."
  • Mountain Sky Soap - Shampoo Bar in Wild Woods - "You can shampoo your hair, beard, AND also shave with this bar. Moisturizing cocoa butter is added to keep stuff soft and supple. Added rice protein strengthens hair. 60 grams of Concentrated Shampoo Bar Replaces 2 Plastic Bottles – pH Balanced."
  • Mountain Sky Soap - Love Thy Lips Lip Balm in Mint - "Mint is a wake-up flavor for people on the go that love creamy and smooth lip balms. Super creamy lip protector made with all-natural ingredients to protect your sensitive lips and can even be used to moisturize dry skin spots."



Boxes Available for Pre-Order Now. Pickup at 2006 Washington Street, Rossland between December 14th - 18th. Need it sooner or need it shipped? Please make sure to include that information in the note section upon checkout.

"Stay Wild" Gift Box

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